11 Best Moments From 2015 Emmys

11 Best Moments From 2015 Emmys

11 Best Moments From 2015 Emmys by AMB staff:

[ And I might even go out on a limb here and say that this year’s Emmy Awards were hands down one of the most shocking, hilarious and kiiiiinda cringe-worthy in Emmy history…

And yes, I meant seriously cringe-worthy because, really, an award show opening monologue just wouldn’t be complete without those “OMG did he just say that, am I allowed to laugh at this?” jokes. The first highlight goes out to Andy Samberg’s entire opening skit, and yeah he totally went there with the Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and Kim Davis jabs… But everything from his binge-watching struggle to his moments of awkward silence as he waits for a roar of laughter totally started the show on a high note.

Next up, we knew Amy Schumer would bring us some good laughs, but then there was Amy Squared and all chill was forever gone.

And I have to quickly give a shout-out to Amy Poehler’s hilarious grunge getup during the nominee announcement of lead actress in a comedy series… #fashiongoals. Moving on, as Ricky Gervais was announcing another set of nominees, he came up with a totally clever tactic to hold an Emmy while presenting so that if he didn’t win, photos would still make it look like it did, and I have to admit, it was a genius plan.

And post commercial break, cameras pan to Andy, who was standing too-close-for-comfort behind a giant Emmy statue, and we just knew this next joke was gonna be a doozy.

Yeah, that Girls joke was one of those “Ima try to keep this laugh inside” jokes and now I’m going to try to change the subject from that one as fast as I can. Switching gears to Jimmy Kimmel who seemed rather hungry during his nominee announcement seeing that he cut up the winner’s envelope and actually ate it. But don’t worry, he did that mainly to make a point that since he’s up there announcing, he claimed he could give the Emmy to whomever he chooses, but thankfully, he stuck to the script.

Next up we have the Mad Men finale spoof, where we see Andy meditating in all white as he recreates the Mad Men Coke commercial, but things take a turn for the worst when he accidentally stabs actor Jim O’Heir with an Emmy.

Moving on to a much lighter note, but not really because Amy Schumer’s eye makeup was in fact the opposite of “light”, as she accepted her Emmy, she thanked a very important person, and there is NO sarcasm there because those makeup artists are actual angels sent from above. Amy gave a big shout out, saying, “Thanks everybody who has helped me and the girl who gave me sort of this smoky eye. I really love it.”

And next up, Andy gave us a glimpse of what happens on the red carpet after the actual show starts, where we see Tatiana Maslany and Tony Hale with metal detectors, as they come across a can of beans, and begin fighting over it… what happens on the red carpet doesn’t always stay on the red carpet, guys…

And then there was Tina Fey, who presented Jon Hamm with his first Emmy. As soon as she graced us with her presence, we were on the edge of our seats waiting for those stomach-ache inducing one-liners. She began talking about a series of shows, saying,

She definitely had me going there for a second, BUT going back to Jon Hamm, I want to mention the moment right before he hit the stage that I really because apparently, he must’ve been so excited to receive his first award that he didn’t bother using the stairs and tumbled up onto the stage, making it the best acceptance entrance ever.

And I thought I would save the most memorable moment for last, considering it was also the heartfelt moment that closed the Emmys, but it was the moment that Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance back to the Emmy stage after a terrible car accident last year.

And Tracy even brought the jokes with him right before he announced the last category of the evening. He proudly mentioned.

And he’s back, guys! But that sums up our list of the best moments from tonight’s Emmy awards, so now I want to know what you guys thought about the show and which highlight was your favorite and you can get to talkin’ right down here in the comments section. After that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out Andy Samberg’s hilarious opening monologue recap for even more laughs. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver’s trophy life, I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll see ya next time! ]

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