4 Gym Pieces You Need To Add Into Your Wardrobe


Since the rise of the sports luxe trend, gym pieces have become a consistent part of wardrobes all over the world. Outfits have become an ecliptic mixture of both style and comfort. The likes of the joggers, trainers, hoodies and more have all been redesigned in an attempt to make them more luxurious and not for sport itself. Casualwear is no longer associated with gym wear but now with luxury and style. The important thing to do is add select pieces to your wardrobe and with a little bit of experimenting, you can ensure you have added the right pieces to your wardrobe.

Out With The Old & In With Muscle Fit

Muscle fit t-shirts are now essential to every wardrobe, especially as you don’t need to consistently go to the gym in order to wear them. The sports luxe trend means that even though the fabrics are tailored and more technical that they are suited to all different body types. It’s a cleaner look to the materials and is available in a whole different range of styles, varieties, and colors. Muscle fit will seamlessly go into all of your outfit choices, but ultimately will help you look smarter.

Bring In The Old School Zip Up Hoodies

Zip up hoodies has always been classed as casual, no matter where you are. Even with brands like Ralph Lauren and Jack Wills adding the famous zip up hoodies to their collections, it still remained something that was difficult to incorporate as a sports luxe piece. Again, similar to the muscle fit t-shirts the fabrics have become more technical, meaning they are better fitted. More often than not you find zip up hoodies being a casual throw away but now they are definitely more luxury than casual.

Move Aside Gym Joggers, It Track Pants Time

Track pants is a more generic term for ‘trackies’ that were once thrown around back in the day. They are suited to both for men and women, have recently been mistaken for trousers. You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to enjoy a pair of track pants and that’s the best thing about them. Move away from gym joggers and move towards the new boys in town, track pants.

Tank Tops Are For Everyone

Tanks tops are no longer associated with the heavy lifters and body builders but instead are now for everyone. The designs are favorites for both men and women, especially as they are available in a variety of different shapes, fits, and sizes. You can pair them with jeans and a denim jacket or alternatively, you can wear them to the gym, the style is entirely down to you.

Article by Roman Winter

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