Amerikas Addiction Connects with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records for Their 2nd EP OF 2017

Amerikas Addiction (David Kelly- vocalist and Joshua Scarver- producer) new EP “FOUR” is a collaboration between Amerikas Addiction and Grammy Award nominated Taylor Gang Records producer, RMB Justize. The results are 5 creative songs that feature the laid back Taylor Gang sound crafted by Justize infused with Midwest style diversity provided by Amerikas Addiction. The thing that makes this album unique is that it follows the new trend of hip-hop artists experimenting with their sound and taking risks to brand themselves different.

The EP also feature one collaborative effort featuring artist Pizzle which was produced in collaboration by Justize and Wiz Khalifa’s most well known producer, Sledgren. This marks the second release from Amerikas Addiction in 2017, the duo plans to release a new album every quarter of this year..The album was executive produced by Joshua Scarver, co-founder of the #DoWhatYouDesire brand and label.

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