Angel Shave Club – The First Boutique Shave Club For Women!

by Adriana Michelle

Living in Northern California for the season has been a blast this summer.  I’ve danced the night away in local hot spots, I’ve eaten at amazing restaurants, and I’ve been introduced to boating soirees that require nothing but bikinis and fruity cocktails. Seriously, so fun!

The only part of this busy social life that makes me slow down is my beauty preparation. It takes time to ensure that legs are smoothed, bikini area is groomed and underarms are soft for the world to see. I’m mean, how embarrassing would it be if unwanted hair popped out in places I didn’t intend them to? YIKES!

To avoid those type of mishaps I subscribed to Angel Shave Club to ensure my shave game is on point. If you haven’t heard of them, they are pretty much the first-ever shaving club for women. Every month they send out pretty pink boxes to their subscribers with a razor, multiple blades, and sumptuous shaving cream.

Angel Shave Club – 5 Blade System

Now, there are different Shave Plans/Razors to choose from, so let’s begin:

#1. Choose a razor: The Little Lady (3 stainless steel blades) or The Angel (5 stainless steel blades + 1 bikini trimmer)

#2. Choose a handle color: California Kiss Blue or La La Love Pink

#3. Customize your shave plan: Often (8 blades every two months) or Now & Then (8 blades every 4 months)

I decided to go with The Angel razor in La La Love Pink with Often.

Angel Shave Club Subscription Box

So far everything has been woking fantastically. The blades are super sharp and contain aloe vera & vitamin E along the strip for zero razor bumps. The handles are ergonomically designed with rubber grip for better control, durability, and quality. The shaving cream is to die for; so creamy and scented like berries.

Last, but not least, the cost – only $18 every 2 months. It really can’t get any better than this!

La La Love Pink & California Kiss Blue handles

So to join me in the Angel Shave Club, just visit and customize your plan. The best part is being able to curate a plan that works best for you!

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