Shouvy’s Whitening Body Lotion – Fight Winter Dry Skin!

Having dry skin during cold and wintery seasons isn’t comfortable nor appealing. My skin looks way too dry and feels very rough. It makes feel embarrassed when my partner wants to be affectionate with me because I know my skin feels bad. To combat this dry skin problem, I have sought out the [Read More...]

December 28, 2016

MoxieMist – All Natural, Plant Based Body Mist

by Adriana Michelle: The past few months have been a very busy period for me. I’ve been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to San Jose, California, to visit family on numerous occasions. Whether it was flying in and out of airports or driving five straight hours in my car, I’ve [Read More...]

December 20, 2016

Maintaining That Summer Glow

Summer months are an undeniable excuse for clear skies, cool waters, and lots of sunlight. Who isn’t ready to replace that cabin fever with some days out at the beach, riding bikes, chilling at cafes, or indulging in some sweet gelato? But with more hours than usual spent soaking up the sun, your [Read More...]

November 10, 2016

Best Brow Threading In Texas: InStyle Brows

Brows are one of the best features women can have. With brow trends going strong within the beauty world, clean, shapely brows are a must. Recognizing this and the power and confidence strong eyebrows bring, InStyle Brows provides top notch brow threading services for women to look and feel their [Read More...]

September 14, 2016

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