Introducing: The Secret Veil Hair Extension Technique

The new, recently launched, hair extension method, Secret Veil, is taking the hair industry by storm by offering a non-damaging method that is undetectable – whether the hair is up or down! The Secret Veil uses absolutely no heat, adhesives or threads and is installed completely flush against the [Read More...]

April 4, 2016

Using Eyelash Serums Are The Best Way To Get Long Lashes

Using eyelash growth serums is the easiest way that is known to lengthen the eyelashes for a complete natural look. You do not need to attach fake ones all the time which can be irritating because of the time consumption during its application. We find plentiful of brands that advertise their [Read More...]

March 31, 2016

Best Facial In Orange County, California

    Kate Hancock, the founder of OC Facial Care Center, grew up suffering from Eczema. She understands the emotional impact this condition can have on one’s self esteem along with the potential scarring, and unsightly pigmentation.As a results, she is constantly seeking the right [Read More...]

March 31, 2016

Laudun Is Beauty’s New Organic Skincare!

We have choices in life that can either lead us on right or wrong paths. We believe the right path leads to making this world a better place. One way Anna Laudun Beauboeuf is doing her part is by providing all natural cosmetic care. Her belief, “that beauty should be natural, not [Read More...]

March 30, 2016

Get a Smooth Clean Cut – Comfortably!

  Crazy Rotations!- The cutting blades rotate all the way around in the unique AngleVue Nail Cutter, clip in the most comfortable position for you, a big improvement. Pregnancy not required– You choose the angle, clipping toenails with AngleVue means no wrist twist and less bending over. [Read More...]

March 22, 2016

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