Shouvy’s Whitening Body Lotion – Fight Winter Dry Skin!

Having dry skin during cold and wintery seasons isn’t comfortable nor appealing. My skin looks way too dry and feels very rough. It makes feel embarrassed when my partner wants to be affectionate with me because I know my skin feels bad. To combat this dry skin problem, I have sought out the [Read More...]

December 28, 2016

Differio – Men’s Makeup!

If you haven’t noticed, makeup isn’t just for women anymore. Every day more and more lads are coming to find the benefits of makeup for men. Clearer skin, lightened under eyes, less visible scars, and a more confident approach to aesthetics are just a few aspects The trend that was [Read More...]

December 26, 2016

Hairbond Wonder Primer Review:

I wanted to put Hairbonds new product to the test as my partner uses their styling products. I am excited as this product is a female solution (no pun) and has seven wonders that claim to make your hair look and feel better. Here are my thoughts after trying the product out: Wonder Primer can be [Read More...]

December 26, 2016

MoxieMist – All Natural, Plant Based Body Mist

by Adriana Michelle: The past few months have been a very busy period for me. I’ve been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to San Jose, California, to visit family on numerous occasions. Whether it was flying in and out of airports or driving five straight hours in my car, I’ve [Read More...]

December 20, 2016

Whitening Your Teeth can Knock the Years Off

Recently, the popularity of tooth whitening procedures has drastically increased. This could be due to a handful of recent studies that have proven that whiter teeth can help people look younger. A study carried out by a leading tooth care company in the U.S. found out that having a brighter smile [Read More...]

December 19, 2016

The Role of Attractive Lipstick Packaging in Increasing Sales

According to research, most of the first time lipstick buyers find themselves making buying decisions based on the packaging impression. The packaging is able to tell the consumer how sexier and beautiful she will feel with the lipstick. Also the consumer can get to know if the ingredients can [Read More...]

November 23, 2016

Maintaining That Summer Glow

Summer months are an undeniable excuse for clear skies, cool waters, and lots of sunlight. Who isn’t ready to replace that cabin fever with some days out at the beach, riding bikes, chilling at cafes, or indulging in some sweet gelato? But with more hours than usual spent soaking up the sun, your [Read More...]

November 10, 2016

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