Meet The Spiritual Socialites: Full Interview

1. Can you tell us about your organization Spiritual Socialites? SpiritualSocialites is an organization & community that ignites positive inner social change. Our digital platform shares events, inspiring stories, video clips, products and voices that highlight life-changing transformations and [Read More...]

September 28, 2016

How To Start Living he Good Life

Why do some people live the life they want while the majority of us are left unsatisfied? Don’t be a part of the crowd that is constantly broke, sick, lonely, and just plain unhappy. Wouldn’t you rather live the Good Life? Learn from entrepreneur, investor and author, Tai Lopez on how [Read More...]

September 7, 2016

Win Big at Hutsylife Pre-Launch!

Exclusive Hutsylife Pre-launch contest is out, check them out as they are doingFREE Giveaways. Prize Giveaway includes, Printed shirts, tanks, iPhone cases, pillow cases, tote bags, socks, and hats. Visit now: Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram [Read More...]

September 2, 2016

Samuel Odekunle: A Man With A Vision

A man with a vision is a man who will succeed. He sees, he works, he conquers. This man is Samuel Odekunle. Leadership & Life Style Coach, Branding Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder of upcoming TheChurchBoy Magazine, Samuel Odekunle is doing it all. His drive has pushed [Read More...]

August 28, 2016

Learn Ways of The Stock Market with Michael Kodari

Whether you are new to the stock market or not, it’s fair to say you can always learn more. Living by his motto, “Wealth Begins with Better Knowledge,” Michael Kodari knows this to be true. Using his fame and knowledge for good, Kodari appears on news outlets – Sky, CNBC, Channel 7 [Read More...]

August 27, 2016

An App That’s Too Good To Be True (But Isn’t)

Use your phone camera to take a picture of any document and have it summarized instantly with the Summary Scanner app. Scan, summarize, translate, edit, text-to-speech, share, and much more. A TL;DR for Everything – Quickly create concise summaries from any document while retaining important [Read More...]

July 27, 2016

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