The Many Different Faces Of Kilo M.O.E

The Music industry has transformed a great deal right in front of our faces. 2016 Music has seen its largest revenue slice from streaming. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, CEO and Artist known as Kilo M.O.E built a notable company based on this newly transformed industry model. Since 2012, the Ex [Read More...]

January 19, 2018

Celeste Buckingham – Go Away

Talented artist conquers the heart of the audience with an exciting blend of pop, soul, dance and R&B. Celeste Buckingham is a singer-songwriter and pop talent hailing from Switzerland but based in the United States.  Her much anticipated new single “Go Away” has just been released to rave [Read More...]

January 15, 2018

Need Beat? Cool Typhoon Can Mix It All!

Cool Typhoon is an exclusive music production company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer high quality beats, tracks, instrumentals, underscores, soundtracks and mixing services for all your production needs. Enjoy the catalog with over 200 tracks to choose from and growing by the day. Our music has [Read More...]

October 23, 2017


A major influence on the Los Angeles music scene, DJ ILLANOISE captivates audiences, stunning them with his astounding ability to read the vibe of the party and take it all to the next level with his flawless precision. DJ ILLANOISE brings this gift to the podcasting world with the launch of Illest [Read More...]

October 20, 2017

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