Sapphire Chic Fashions – Love Your Curves

“Every cup is full” embrace and love you! Sapphire Chic Fashions believes that women should love their curves!! Sapphire chic fashions promotes wellness, health and breast cancer awareness thru positive messages and social media. ARVE Error: no id set With these fashions we want to show [Read More...]

July 29, 2015

Fashion & Fitness Headband Wraps By Renzel

I am total fan of wearing fabulous headbands for a day out and about or in the gym for a workout. Lately I’ve been shopping online for my bands including etsy shop Wraps by Renzel. With so many cute and trendy headbands I can never choose which ones I want. Luckily I don’t have to get [Read More...]

July 29, 2015

Vintage Fashion & Jewelry Art Deco Store Online

It’s not always easy finding the great vintage jewelry. You can find some in a few vintage stores or second hand shops, but recently I’ve discovered a gem of an online boutique that sells the most amazing vintage pieces. The store is located on ebay as the Vintage Jewelry Addiction [Read More...]

July 29, 2015

Pick My Style – New Cool Fashion App!

To all my fellow indecisive dressers and shoppers alike, here’s a style app for you. With the new fashion app “PICK MY STYLE”, the world becomes your style advisor. How does this outfit look? Which shoes are better? Is this bag worth buying? These are classic questions many of us face [Read More...]

July 28, 2015

Kylie Jenner Gets Slammed for New Obsene Shirt on Snapchat

ARVE Error: no id set The 17-year-old recent high school grad shared several classic Kylie videos this Sunday night. Aka she posed seductively and didn’t do much else other than posing. Oh wait, she did KIND of try to rap. Well, lip sync rap. But mainly her point was to share her sexiness And to [Read More...]

July 28, 2015

Sarah Jessica Parker is the New Face of Jordache

Sarah Jessica Parker is the new face of Jordache for both The Jordache Look and Jordache women’s collection. The brand’s new campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Michael Thompson.  The Jordache Look collection is available now at and the Jordache [Read More...]

July 26, 2015

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