Even Celebrities Need Help Sometimes

Sometimes even people who are role models go through tough times. They can get overwhelmed by everything around them or even influenced to try new things such as drugs; which can lead to serious problems. As a counselor for celebrities I see unique stories on how the addiction occurred. I remember [Read More...]

November 8, 2015

Why CouponConnexion is My First Choice for Finding Best Deals

Everyone love discounts & when it comes to finding best price for any product, we go to our favourite shopping sites. But one of the best way to further reduce the price of any product, we try to find the coupons related to that product or something applicable to any product. And then it comes [Read More...]

November 8, 2015

Famous Author Donates Over 1,000 FREE Booklets to Community

Finding fun, educational activities just became easier thanks to the new booklet, “Learning on the School Bus” Activity Booklet 1A, by Dr. Keshia Gaines. After giving away over 1,000 FREE booklets in the community, Gaines plans to offer additional booklets for a small donation. Her [Read More...]

November 6, 2015

DealsR Coupons Will Help Save Your Money, Time & Energy!

By Tracey Tong You work hard for your money. Don’t part with it so readily! Most people think that they don’t have time to look for bargains. Life is already busy enough, they think. They don’t have time to look through flyers, visit websites and go from store to store comparing prices. [Read More...]

November 5, 2015

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