Africa’s Billion Dollar Entreprenuer

When technology shifted from the dial phone to the cell phone, not much could be said or speculated on where technology would lead the world, particularly in developing continents like Africa, however Africa now has its own female entrepreneur and recently awarded Ricochet Satellite Technology [Read More...]

October 17, 2015

Wish2Wish – Wish Upon An App

When I was a young girl, every night before I’d go to bed, I would look out my window and gaze at the starry sky. The bright full moon and the twinkle in the stars made every night magical. So magical that I would wish upon the stars and send them all my hopes and dreams. Creating wishes is a [Read More...]

October 11, 2015

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

  Stress is a silent killer and sometimes we couldn’t notice that but it’s a fact of life. I am kindly asking you to visit!program/c11xg because you are so worth for: ✔ Better immune function ✔ More energy ✔ Feeling more relaxed ✔ Sleeping better ✔ [Read More...]

October 10, 2015

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