Find Lost Items With Wismiii!

We’ve all lost something and couldn’t figure out where to find it. With Wismiii, your search is over! Wismiii is a global lost and found service app. All you have to do is: Report your loss Contact other users Check off places where you stay And get help finding your lost item! You can even [Read More...]

January 7, 2017

Create Your Own Iphone Cases With Photoized!

How cool would it be to get the chance to create your own iPhone case? It would be very cool and I should know because I just created my own with Photoized!  Photoized is the best way to be yourself, for creating your own completely customized cell phone cases. It’s extremely easy to use. I [Read More...]

November 9, 2016

Become Famous With “Who-Is-Famous®”

Become FAMOUS in your specialty and get the RECOGNITION you deserve , FREE ! Professionals, artists,… the Who-Is-Famous® WHO’S WHO is your ONE STOP site to get noticed and renowned for your work. Sign up now – [Read More...]

October 11, 2016

Women In Mobile Games – Not A Man’s Market At All

Despite the fact that over half of all mobile gamers are women, the industry as a whole seems to be mostly unaware of it.  What’s worse is that this isn’t something new.  It’s been this way for years! Already in 2014, it was already recognized by an Internet Advertising Bureau study that 49 [Read More...]

September 18, 2016

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