Ji Fan – A Uniquely Singaporean Short Film

Last weekend, a short film “Ji Fan” was launched at the Hyatt hotel in Singapore. Set in Singapore, the film is mainly in English with some Mandarin Chinese (there are subtitles). We catch up with the director, Lee, to dig up the background to this very interesting film. AMB: So Ji Fan [Read More...]

November 7, 2015

Street The Movie Hitting Theaters October 30, 2015

Starring Beau’ Casper” Smart and Mark Ryan ( Transformers) A “Rocky meets Bloodsport” MMA Film Executive Produced by Lyle Howry from Skinfly Entertainment Street the movie is an exciting new feature film that stars Beau ” Casper” Smart and Mark Ryan. They are joined by [Read More...]

October 30, 2015

British Films: An Interview with Matthew John

British Films: 1-on-1 with Mathew John Mathew John One of the most talked about British movies this year is Matthew John’s movie adaptation of Henrik Ibsen “Hedda Gabler” – Trailer: Most the scenes were shot at the stunning location of Maunsel House, owned by Sir [Read More...]

August 13, 2015

Spectre Movie – Meet The Bond Girls

Spectre Movie: Meet the leading ladies of 007 Spectre movie is set to hit theaters this winter with the baddest bond women to date. As the franchise comes full circle with the 24th movie in tow, we are not only excited to see 007 himself, but the women who accompany him. There are two leading [Read More...]

August 13, 2015

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