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Mayden Hollywood originally from Birmingham England who now resides in Los Angeles has beaten thousands of other acts to be named in the UK’s top ten Unsigned Bands. Mayden has been nominated in the Best Band category at the 2015 Unsigned Music Awards (UMAs). Launched in 2012 the awards have seen [Read More...]

October 14, 2015

Music Artist Matthieu Releases New Song Soul Ties Ft. FP

Currently. popular radio is playing many pop and hip hop songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Fetty Wap, Selena Gomez and French Montana to name a few. Their songs are great, but we miss the days where rnb songs dominated the scene. We remember a time not so long ago, where Usher, Joe and Tyrese [Read More...]

October 12, 2015

MUSIC 4U2U – Music Downloads

MUSIC 4U2U Is the best music search engine online, valued at $140 Million with the most diversified music access catalog online. No signing up for anything, no monthly fees, just the most incredible music on the planet, MUSIC 4U2U. MUSIC 4U2U is the best way to enjoy music and watch videos. Music, [Read More...]

October 10, 2015

The charm of Divina Supernova’s music

The Brazilian duo formed by the singer/composer Ana Galganni and the musician/producer Jr. Bocão is already known in NY clubs. They have just released the new album: TORUS has a delightful interesting blend of funk, rock, electronic and even a reggae that is sung in English with the special [Read More...]

October 10, 2015

Angelle – R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter

Angelle is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York. Not least of all, two of her uncles enjoyed great commercial success in Haitian music, a legacy she is determined to carry on. Her debut EP Rêvé (Life’s But a Dream) was released in 2015, and promises to be a moment like so [Read More...]

October 10, 2015

E MULA one More Chapter on Drake and Meek’s Beef

A new artist recently emerged and positioned himself perfectly to make a timeless mark within music, and take a shot at the title Greatest Rapper Alive. His first release was on Independence Day called “The Red Pill” with a playlist titled Do Rite and Kill Everything. Like the Matrix, The Red [Read More...]

October 7, 2015

Lil Sipp The Next Global Superstar

Lil Sipp The Next Global Superstar by AMB staff: Lil Sipp” serves as a reminder that good things often come in very small packages. The immensely talented rapper extraordinaire has already drawn strong comparisons to many of the most successful child stars past or present who ever picked up a [Read More...]

October 7, 2015

Love: The Fifth Season Album Releases Nov. 3rd 2015

Often compared to Grammy-award winning artist Enya, Phillip’s music embodies a new sound for a more complex music listening audience. Combining multi-layered vocals, rich instrumentation, and modern choral motifs, his music appeals to a wide variety of listeners, and has been heard the world [Read More...]

October 7, 2015

DJ Chaoz – Mash Up MegaMX Video Blend

Straight outta Utica NY, DJ producer and graphic designer CHAOZ of Illco Entertainment is releasing the most creative and musically diverse video mash up mega mix ever seen. IDGAF part 1 is a 1 hour and 8 min video mash up megamix that features rnb, classic rock, pop, reggaeton, hip-hop, reggae [Read More...]

October 7, 2015

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