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Valerie D. Fairley – From Librarian to Published Author

  Valerie D. Fairley, author, librarian, poet, and educator holds a Masters and a Specialist degree in Education. She loves teaching and promoting literacy. Looking great at 53, her outer beauty has been praised by all walks of life. The compliments have inspired her to become a face model to [Read More...]

March 12, 2017

Echidna – A Short Film For Actors by Sonny-Joe Flanagan

It’s no secret the entertainment business is a tough industry to break into. Thousands of individuals migrate to the main cities like Los Angeles and New York hoping for a break. Scarce financial resources, extended audition waits and hoping for a call back are a majority of the actor’s [Read More...]

March 11, 2017

“The Show” Goes Hollywood

Already being touted as the People’s Actor for his ability to connect with his fans, Rocky is on his way to a successful career as a working actor. Rocky is no stranger to entertaining his peers. From acrobatic shows during recess and lunch to putting on theatrical plays in his front yard; he [Read More...]

March 11, 2017

Ed Sheran – The Tattoos You Didn’t Know About

Ed Sheeran (an iTunes top 100 chart artist) decided to go all the way shirtless and show off his techni-colourful torso in his new music video for his new song, which is currently #1 on the top 100 charts, Shape Of You – but the singer-songwriter prefers having the option to keep his estimated 65 [Read More...]

March 11, 2017


Amerikas Addiction is a unique hip-hop duo consisting of vocalist/song writer David Kelly and producer/creative Joshua Scarver. The duo has recently released an EP album entitled “The Prelude To” which has been in heavy rotation in Atlanta by collaborating with DJ 23 from multi-platinum [Read More...]

March 10, 2017

Rising Global Star Andi Young’s Other Side

There’s one side of the rising global pop star Andi Young that catches your eyes, unleashes your deepest desire, and keeps you wanting more, no matter if you are a man or a woman. Just like his Scorpio sign, possessive and jealous, passionate and driven by a dark energy. Andi can be extremely [Read More...]

March 8, 2017


After being sentenced to 12 1/2 years for bank fraud, and serving close to 9 years in federal prison, many would have folded. Yet in the face of adversity inmate Jamila T. Davis decided to take action through reality television! Behind bars, this 39 year old, courageous woman became the co-founder [Read More...]

February 22, 2017

Top Child Models Join #Teamlove for NYFW

#Teamlove featured during NYFW will be presenting the upcoming collection of I Love Mel D. at the PNYCFW with top child models like Anna Nicole 10 years old from Nadhville, from New York Natalie12 years old, Kayla 9 years and baby Ava 4 years old. From Puerto Rico and now international model Karina [Read More...]

February 8, 2017

Fabrice Sopoglian – The Godfather of French Reality TV

Fabrice Sopoglian is a successful reality TV host who excelled both in front of and behind the scene. Fabrice is the ‘Godfather’ of a French reality TV show, airing an impressive 9 seasons in 5 years. His association with Hollywood power agents and big celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Kim [Read More...]

February 4, 2017

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