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Celebrity Yoga Instructor Subodh Gupta

Celebrity Yoga Instructor Subodh Gupta Subodh Gupta is best known for simplifying complicated hatha yoga poses and informing the masses about the dangers associated with well-known breathing exercises and poses. Author of books: Art of Breathing for Stress Free Life, Gentle Yoga for 50 Plus, 7 [Read More...]

October 12, 2016

The Mystique of an International Mogul

  Michael “Lyfelong” Foster seems to be the common denominator when one looks closely to the new wave of creativity and talent that is on the rise. Somehow he manages to finance his own feature films and photo/commercial shoots in Paris for his fashion line Inner Elite all while [Read More...]

October 7, 2016

Meet Ace Drucci – The Multitalented Producer and Emcee

With Ace Drucci leading the swagger filled charge, it’s a little hard not to be down. This multitalented producer and emcee shows how talented he is on new global single “Always” Together with London Blu, this young artist creates some real chemistry. Beginning with hypnotic production this [Read More...]

October 5, 2016

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