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Alex Alonso – Brazilian Indie Director

Alex Alonso is a Brazilian indie director. His first full-length movie ´´ Palmos – The Demon Inside has gained some attention overseas. The actor has also fund movies like Death By Tights, and Wasted days. [Read More...]

November 21, 2015

Blogger Francia Cooper – Food, Fashion, Fitness and Africa

Blogger Francia Cooper – Food, Fashion, Fitness and Africa Having being born in West Africa and lived in different places from a young age, Francia has been exposed to fashion from a broad spectrum. Currently based in NYC, her blog showcases her lifestyle, highlighting the things she has [Read More...]

November 16, 2015

Dr. Theresa Buckner – 2015 Shining Star Award Recipient

Everyday there are stories on the news, social media and radio about the hardships that occur throughout our nation and beyond. Right in our own backyards individuals are struggling to pay their bills, find a job and sustain a decent living. There is sadness all around us, but in this, there are [Read More...]

November 5, 2015

Interview with Mirriam Musonda-salati

AMB: So Mirriam tell us abit about your self, and what your proffessionals are? Mirriam: My name is MIRRIAM MUSONDA- SALATI Occupation/title/position: Model, Fashion Designer, CEO of ZBIL a charity Organization, entrepreneur and long-lived style visionary. Companies: Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie: [Read More...]

October 24, 2015

Candyman Vending – Customized Machines and Drinks

Did you know that rapper Kevin Gates has his own Energy Drink?  Candyman Vending in Houston, Texas distributes everything from customized vending machines to these drinks themselves.  Kevin Gates Energy Drinks are called IDGT affectionately named after the Rapper’s hit song “ I Dont Get [Read More...]

October 23, 2015

Brandon’s Amazing Space – Life Is Good

Brandon’s Amazing Space – Life Is Good  Brandon’s Amazing Space – Life Is Good Confidence doesn’t come easy for many people. It’s a trait that is a natural gift or developed. In Brandon’s case, confidence is effortless. Brandon, the voice of [Read More...]

October 21, 2015

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