Celebrity Model Rachel McCord Shares Tips to Slay the Fame Game

Named “Rising star … American beauty” by DailyMail in 2017, model Rachel McCord, wrote the book, Slay the Fame Game: Break into Hollywood and Social Media without it Breaking You.

Featured in Vogue, Forbes, Glamour Magazine, OK! Magazine and CNN, McCord is frequently spotted out and about at celebrity hotspots and the best events in Hollywood with celebrities like, Ed Westwick, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Stewart, Ken Vanderpump, Jessica Simpson, Natasha Bedingfield, Charlie Puth, and more.

Natasha Bedingfield and Rachel

Sharing her own personal and, oftentimes, embarrassing stories, McCord tells you what she did to end up in over 1 billion press impressions in twelve short months.

If you are pursuing a career in entertainment, fashion or beauty industries as a blogger, model, actress, celeb, social media influencer, designer, makeup artist, dancer, stylist, etc, this is a must read! You will learn tips on:

Developing a personal brand
Getting invited to events
Walking red carpets
Dealing with haters
Staying confident, and more

Rachel and Ed Westwick

To pre-order one of the first 100 autographed copies of her book, check out:

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