Choosing the Best Trainers for Your Child

When it comes to getting footwear for our children, many of us look towards the most convenient and cheapest option. This certainly makes a lot of sense, seen as though the child is constantly growing and they will probably need new footwear every 6 months! However, scientific studies have now shown that the complex bone structure in the human foot doesn’t fully develop until children are around 18 years old – meaning that it is extremely important that the children have enough space to move and grow naturally. It is therefore very important that children are given the best footwear so that their feet are kept in a good state, and they look fashionable too!

Nike Roshe Runs

There is no doubt Nike are one of the, if not the, biggest footwear brands in the world, and their Roshe Runs are traditionally meant to be used in the gym. Additionally, the comfort they offer, teamed with the fashionable design, has made them a great choice for a lot of people to wear in their every-day lives. However, these probably look best when worn with a sports outfit, so if you have an older child, it can be a good idea to wear a white pair or Roshe’s with some grey joggers to create a great outfit.

Low Canvas

When you want to try and choose trainers for your child that are fashionable and trendy, then are certainly fewer choices which are better than a pair on canvas trainers. There are many clothing outlets which offer wonderful canvas trainers, and also offer some great clothing you can also wear with the trainers. So not only will you be giving your child a great pair of trainers that they will look good in, but the wide surface will mean that your child will be given the foot space needed for the correct growth.


If you aren’t overly concerned with you child looking that fashionable, then there is no better choice than getting them a pair of Crocs! When you get your child a pair of Crocs you will be guaranteeing that their feet will have optimal comfort and will be given the adequate space they need to grow properly and in the correct form.


Converse trainers are arguably the most popular trainers available in the world, and for very good reason – they are cost-friendly, comfortable and fashionable! They tick all the boxes you need when getting your child a pair of trainers and you will be able to dress your child so they look good, as well as having the peace of mind that their feet will develop properly.


Article written by Roman Winter

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