Create Your Own Iphone Cases With Photoized!

How cool would it be to get the chance to create your own iPhone case? It would be very cool and I should know because I just created my own with Photoized! 

Photoized is the best way to be yourself, for creating your own completely customized cell phone cases. It’s extremely easy to use. I jumped on their website and used their design tool, Facefy, which let me upload my pictures and images from my laptop, Facebook and Instagram accounts. I chose my own layout that included up to 5 photos, and I arranged them in the order I desired. It literally took me no longer than five minutes, so it’s quick.

To create your hardshell or bendable case, high-quality materials along with high definition UV printing is used, which provides a brilliant product for your photo-izing. I am so proud of showing off photos that are important to me and I’m excited to have a case that is uniquely my own.

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