Dating Advice: Dads React to Daughters Getting Catcalled

Dating advice from fathers to guys - "Show some respect!"

Dating Advice: Catcalling Men Get Called Out by Dads

Dating advice: Dads React to Their Daughters Getting Catcalled by Adriana Michelle

When I was in my early twenties, I partied and I partied hard. I loved being invited to the hottest clubs in Hollywood and was even given the opportunity to work in them. The environment called for celebrities, V.I.P.’s and industry natives that were out for a good time.

In retrospect, being so young and naive to my surroundings I thought getting catcalled was normal. Men would constantly hound me for my number and ask me to go out on dates. This type of behavior happened often and it happened to most women within the scene.

Growing older, leaving the industry, finding my faith, getting married and focusing on building a business – I now look at this behavior much differently. What used to be seen as normal behavior is now seen as a disappointment.

I’ll  visit a bar to celebrate a girl friend’s birthday and for some strange reason men think it’s okay to rudely invade our personal space – abruptly grab us by our hand or arm – or wave us down to come over to his side of the bar.

These actions prompt us to ignore their whispers and wannabe charming pickup lines – avoid any sort of eye contact and pretend we don’t see them – and eventually just end up calling them a douche bag. A bit hasty maybe, but for a good reason.

The Reason: Women are catcalled time and time again. Not only in bars, but any time we are walking down the street. This type of barbaric approach makes a woman feel like a piece of meat. And here’s a quick newsflash for these guys – we do not appreciate the feeling of being objectified!

With that said, the best dating advice I could give on how men can approach women – be a gentleman, show some respect, stop assuming all women are single and leave the catcalls in the trash where they belong.

In the video above, you can see what it’s like for an everyday girl in an urban city to be catcalled and harassed. Also see how their fathers react to the men’s unashamed approach.

Hopefully we can use this message to spread awareness on respect for women and daughters everywhere.

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