DotFully – A New Way To Buy Beauty


I’ve discovered an amazing new beauty site called Dotfully, which every beauty-lover needs to use! Dotfully is a peer-to-peer makeup swap site that allow users to post their items on the site to swap using points. The points can then be used to acquire other user’s new or once-loved items. We’re the first in the space and it’s a new way for people to declutter and save money. There are a lot of brand new and high end products such as SkII, Tarte, Tom Ford, Too Faced, and alot of other brands that can be found on the site.

I absolutely love the app and have swapped many great products! Right now, Dotfully is doing a promo and giving $25 value worth of points to new account signups. This site is for US residents only for the moment since it’s new and has only been around for 3 months.

I’m really excited to share this with fellow beauty bloggers and enthusiasts! Get ready for a new way to do beauty, ladies!

Here is some more info –

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