How to Dress and Be Fashionable in Dubai

How to Dress and Be Fashionable in Dubai

As I was flipping through Netflix for something interesting to watch, I came across Sex and the City 2 the Movie; where the main characters take a break from their hectic city life and pay UAE a very NY visit. The many fashion mishaps were comical and I began to wonder what people think about the fashion scene in Dubai.

It is well-known that this part of the globe is conservative, but don’t mistake it to be void of glamour. In fact, Dubai is dazzling with style and grace!

Accessories are your best friends. Accessorizing is key for the stylish in Dubai. Exceptional embellishments are available throughout the city in malls and brand name stores alike. On top of that, the latest watches and designer shoes are a craze for both men and women along with bags and adornments. It is pretty common for fashionable city dwellers to plan their outfits centered on a specific ornament, keeping it classy and simple.

Abaayas or Burkhas, being the traditional attire for women, hasn’t completely left the picture. And I am so glad it hasn’t, since they have evolved over the years thanks to the brilliant designers. These flowing robe-slash-gown dresses are made with light fabric to save you from the hot weather, decorated with intricate laces and trimmings for the fabulous traditionalist. For the edgier dresser, the fangled Abaayas with their creative capes and shapes have also grown to be popular amongst the city people.  Don’t forget to pair them up with your favorite studs and sparkles!

Summer in Dubai is here to stay and the chic are making it worth their while. Loose kaftans and swanky robes over a V-neck works to keep you comfy and trendy looking as ever, keeping modesty in check as well.

Colors like light blue, peach and white are contemporary popular choices for daytime activities. Pastel shades complement the ambience of Dubai, perfect for the elegant minimalist in Dubai.

Lengthy skirts and dresses are a smart choice for everyday wear. Loose tops and shirts; or if you want to take part in cultural appropriation, Kurtas look fantastic paired up with long skirts of all categories. Rummage your closet and gather up the skirts!

Modesty is a must in the Middle-East but it isn’t as strict as stereotype would have you believe. No <sigh>; the women are not wearing niqabs that cover their faces nor are the men ignorant about Armani suits. Granted, there are many orthodox people who follow the traditions. Maintaining modesty is really not that hard as the weather will have you covering up with instantaneously.

Scarves and wraps can never go wrong in Dubai; in fact I highly encourage you to get your hands on the best ones. I’ve gotten lost binging Scarf wrapping tutorial videos online for hours on and it is definitely fun. Not necessary for you to cover your head when you go out, but it is an extremely bold look in addition to being a bad-hair-day savior.

Outfit planning for Dubai can be enjoyable because of the abundance of markets and dressing up definitely makes you feel like star. And a little bit of bling never hurts!



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