Ed Sheran – The Tattoos You Didn’t Know About

Ed Sheeran (an iTunes top 100 chart artist) decided to go all the way shirtless and show off his techni-colourful torso in his new music video for his new song, which is currently #1 on the top 100 charts, Shape Of You – but the singer-songwriter prefers having the option to keep his estimated 65 to 100 tattoos under wraps and under the shirts if the occasion requires it.

He would never, he says, get any tattoo art on his face hands or any other visible part of his body

“You will never see them in a suit (even though many prefer him without one). He says to get married and look great. But if he didn’t get them out in his newest music video then no one would have ever known He even had them,” he told Various news sources.

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