Editor Pick! Robert Tomoguchi’s Fascinating New Book The Scribbled Victims


The Scribbled Victims is filled with page turning twists and plot turns. It reads like a movie screenplay, which kept my interest page after page.

Tomoguchi’s characters are riveting, complicated and brilliantly written.

The storyline takes you into the life of Yelena Solodnikova who is a modern day vampire residing in Los Angeles.  Plagued with the horrific guilt of her murderous existence, she meets Orly Bialek, a twelve-year-old girl who has the special ability to see evil deeds committed by the people she sketches in scribbles. The two bond as mother and daughter, and Yelena feeds guiltlessly on the evildoers Orly presents to her. It is a perfect relationship except that Orly is dying of cancer. Yelena must decide between allowing her little girl to perish or preventing her death by condemning Orly to the loveless eternity of a child vampire.

The Scribbled Victims brings these characters to life. It is truly a blend of emotions from tragic to a heartfelt story of love.   The Scribbled Victims is one of the best Vampire themed books I have read.

If you are a Vampire book fan you will finish this novel thinking it was comparable to any best-sellers that have been on the market. If you are new to Vampire style books, then this is your great initial introduction to this genre. Through Tomoguchi’s   poetic style of writing, you will be a lifelong fan.

I am looking forward to his next book and hopefully a sequel to The Scribbled Victims.

Robert Tomoguchi has authored five previous short story books with a gothic theme that have received countless five-star reviews

The Scribbled Victims is available on and select booksellers.

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