End Abuse Now With Like Minded People

No one should be abused.

Have you ever been abused? Have you known someone who has? Domestic violence and abuse cannot be taken lightly. It’s a serious matter that requires conversation and prevention. In many cases there are individuals who want to stay silent about their abuse, however now there is a place to go and be heard – Like Minded People.

Like Minded People is a site fighting to end abuse. Abusers can be reported and stories can be heard. What makes Like Minded People unique is the first ever data base filled with reported and verified abusers including domestic abusers, also animal abusers, financial abusers, bullying etc…. Anyone can access the data base to protect themselves from potential abuse. Stories are welcomed to be submitted to Like Minded People- stories are encouraged to give victims the necessary support and prevent it for others in the future. 

To get the help you need today or to donate to the cause, please visit

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