Latest Launches to Be The Airbnb For Women’s Closets

ExtendMyCloset has recently arrived on the fashion scene with an innovative online platform that will allow fashion divas to share their closets with one another so that plush fashion is possible without wasting a fortune

Plush designer dresses are no doubt awesome yet it’s often the hefty price tags that make them an untouched dream for many. But, how about an opportunity to flaunt an exotic cocktail dress with élan without the need to shell out the entirely monthly paycheck for it? Well, for the first time ever in the fashion scene, latest online fashion platform ExtendMyCloset is offering this innovative opportunity for fashionistas to share & collaborate their amazing stylish closets with one another.

This is to make sure that everybody gets the chance to slip into a coveted LBD or a trendy red stiletto without worrying about the expensive price tags. ExtendMyCloset is here to show the Airbnb trend in the fashion style scene, proving that the collaborative spirit can exist in the fashion industry as well.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new innovative online style platform ExtendMyCloset, which, for the first time in the industry, aims to cultivate the sharing culture of Airbnb for women’s closet. It’s our mission here to enable the members to flaunt exotic style statements but without wasting a fortune in them. We are here to build and grow a great community of fashionistas who will lend & rent awesome apparel & style accessories with one another,” stated a spokesperson from ExtendMyCloset.

Headquartered at San Francisco Bay Area, the innovative online fashion portal offers exquisite dresses, gowns, footwear & other such accessories from local closets.

As per the spokesperson, it’s going to be a win-win situation for both borrowers and lenders. The lender would get a great opportunity to monetize their trendy apparels or accessories which are otherwise staying idle in their closets whilst the borrower can save bucks by not having to buy some new plush garment outright.

There is a handy 3-step process for both borrower & lender. The lender would have to upload her dress or accessory details with images on the site. If these are approved, the company would feature the items online for rent. If the borrower likes any item on the site, she would send her request to lender with her desired dress & delivery preference. The lender would be notified about the request and whether she accepts it or not is completely her discretion. If both the parties agree, the borrower can personally meet the lender or else can have the item delivered to her doorstep. The return date would be agreed on beforehand.

“Our borrowers here are guarded by our Fit Guarantee assurance so that you can be sure of a safe rent. We have got Lender’s Guarantee assurance for our lenders as well which promises that all the items rented out from their closets through us, would be handled with extreme care.”

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