Feminine Intimate Care “Jil Gyung Yi” Real User Review

I’m sure that there are many people out there who have the same worries. I am a female with two children in my late 30s. At first, when I was having a relationship with my husband, there were several of discomfort feelings… (Dryness, smell). I was starting to hate the relationship itself and started to have worries. I searched a lot of various things on the internet, and there were lots of related products. I searched about each product and discussed with a consultant too. However, I didn’t have any assurance of each product. Not only that, the major problem was that an ordinary person like me couldn’t afford such expensive products which cost more than \1,500,000 ($1,300).Then I luckily found the Jil-Gyung-Yi and read almost all of what people commented about the product.

I liked its reasonable price and the result, so I decided to use the product. Until now, I have used 3 cases for sure. At first, I used it for 3 days with two pills before going to bed.
Afterwards, I used 2 pills for once or twice a week. I can tell you that the worries that I wrote above has been solved out with a good result. First of all, there is no air sound going out during the intercourse. There can be a little Jil-Gyung-Yi smell, and the rest of the things which were in my nerve disappeared completely. About a week or two later, my body got incomparable with before. Whenever I think I smell again, I just use it again. Even my husband felt the difference which I didn’t feel can feel. He said my vagina became softer and warmer than before. Now I hear the energetic sound that I have never heard from him before.

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