Film Production Owner, Alex Kinter, Sets The Bar High For Los Angeles and Dallas Directors

Director Alex Kinter

Busting into the entertainment business for film and television is a hustle. There are countless 12 plus hour work days and too many sleepless nights as an aspiring director. The dream of making it big pushes those to overcome obstacles, but unfortunately, not all directors make the cut.

Actor Josh Gad (L) and Director (Alex Kinter) (M)

Actor Josh Gad (L) and Director (Alex Kinter) (M)

Dallas and Los Angeles based film production owner and director, Alex Kinter, can attest to this. He’s made quite a name for himself over the years by working hard and producing top notch work. Starting his career in photography and cinematography, Kinter gradually moved into directing music videos, commercial production, marketing, music production and entrepreneurship.

Alex on the job

His resume includes working alongside entertainment host, Paul Salfen, on shows such as The Drew Pearson Show, Sports Plus, and Inside Entertainment; as well as notable print publications, Envy Magazine, 944 Magazine, and ScoreBoard Monthly.

Alex on the red carpet

Alex arrives on the red carpet at Dalla International Film Festival

Today, as the founder of Solarity Studios, Kinter specializes in music videos, commercial production, corporate videos, television cinematography, aerial cinematography, motion graphics, photography, digital marketing, and branded content creation.

You’ll find Kinter streamlining and optimizing his company’s commercial workflow currently in Dallas, and gearing up for his latest short film to be featured at the Dallas International Film Festival titled “Alone at the Pool,” starring Anne Beyer.

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