What Fine Jewelry Manufacturers Recommend for Jewelry Shopping

As a modern independent woman, you take your own decisions regarding virtually everything that you need, right from your lifestyle to making investments or even getting married. Strangely, when it comes to buying jewelry, many women become diffident. Buying jewelry on your own can not only be extremely exciting but also empowering, and a great way of pampering yourself. However, if you are not used to it, buying costly jewelry can be quite bewildering. Nevertheless, by doing a little research and sensible decision-making, you can get yourself something that will perfectly complement your wardrobe and lifestyle and you will treasure it for the rest of your life. Some useful tips for selecting jewelry for yourself:

Ascertain Your Style

Since stores of all fine jewelry manufacturers are filled with amazing stuff, it can be very easy to get carried away and pick up something that really does not suit you at all. Before going out to buy something that’s costly, you should determine your type of personal style and make your choice accordingly. Are you are choosing something for office wear or do you want it to double duty in the evenings when you are attending parties or going out during the weekends with friends? Do you lead a very active and sporty life or are you more laid back? Do you prefer being businesslike or being more feminine? If these require introspection, do take the time for it because you will want to look your best with whatever you are wearing and rejoice in the fact that the selected jewelry enhances your appearance and personality, wherever you are.

Get Your Staples before the Extravagant

Just like your wardrobe, it is very important to first acquire jewelry staples that serve you round the week with virtually every outfit you possess. If you don’t have the basic jewelry, then it is time to start off by purchasing items like ear studs. Diamond ear studs are just perfect to kick off your jewelry box because they are not only elegant and minimalist but also do not cost the earth if you opt for small stones. Another must-have is a simple gold chain sporting a bezel-set diamond. As with the studs, these suit every possible budget and the combo can work wonders with every type of attire, right from office silk blouses to the bomber leather jacket you wear when hanging out with the girl gang. Whenever your budget permits, you should add to your collection, a diamond tennis bracelet that screams your good taste whenever you wear it.


Once your basic jewelry is all set, you should start thinking in terms of more spectacular pieces. If you have bought some really fancy attire, it is a good time to try and find stuff that will complement them. Look for pieces with colored diamonds or even traditional gemstones like sapphires or rubies in smartly-designed settings. Try to be as extravagant as possible keeping your personality and lifestyle as benchmarks; this is not a time to be conservative, both in style and budget.

Author bio: Simone Sharma is an award-winning jewelry designer. Visit to see some of her more recent creations.

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