Gilda Garza Is Taking The International Art Scene by Storm!

Gilda Garza is taking the international art scene by storm! Garza has been leaving her mark around the world as one of the few hispanic female artists. Her sold out shows in several destinations, including Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles confirm that she has won the hearts of American art lovers. Her fans and collectors range from American real estate moguls to the owner of Playboy Mexico, who supported Garza at one of her recent shows in Las Vegas.

Garza’s mother and grandmother were both painters. These women, along with other strong and intelligent females, are who inspires Garza’s artwork every day. Her paintings depict women in a sexy but strong way, using playful colors and strong imagery, to create pieces that can be at once inspiring but also fun and meaningful.

The subjects of Garza’s portraits have included historical female figures, such as Frida Kahlo, and iconic athletes, including boxing champion Canelo Alvarez. The portrait of Canelo Alvarez depicts him holding up a title belt after winning a championship match. The day after Alvarez received the portrait, he won the most important match of his career. Fans of both Garza and Alvarez alike claim the portrait to have been his good luck charm.

With Gilda’s fan base is steadily growing around the world, she is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

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