Grip Dat – The Ultimate Selfie Accessory!

grip dat

Grip Dat Selfie Accessory

Calling all gadget geeks! There is a new device in town that needs your attention! Portable, sleek, and functional, the Grip Dat is the ultimate camera accessory for your smart phone or GoPro.

grip dat

Grip Dat is not like your average selfie stick. It is a 3-in-1 water proof Bluetooth selfie tool that comes equipped with a remote.


Grip It.

Grip the stick and use it as a monopod. Attach the phone to the top of the stick mount, connect phone’s Bluetooth to Grip Dat, and start capturing photos and videos with the remote button. I personally love this feature because it makes vlogging much easier and convenient with my iPhone 7.grip dat


Clip it.

The mount can be clipped to any other compatible accessory. For instance, clip the phone to suction cup mounts, mini tripods, chest mounts, and even bike mounts. It’s versatile and easy to switch up from gadget to gadget in an instant. Mounting the Grip Dat to a mini tripod works great for filming hands-free on-the-go.


Mount it.

Place the freestanding base on any flat surface and use the grip as a remote. This is perfect when traveling and no one is around to help you take selfies. It’s also ideal when wanting to capture more landscape backgrounds in your selfies. The remote allows you to photograph up to 30 feet away from your phone. So your images will never be restricted.

grip dat

As a gadget geek myself, I am obsessed with Grip Dat! I take it everywhere with me and it is the absolute travel companion. It even fits comfortably inside my purses or back pockets if I want to put it away.

grip dat


I ran into Food Network celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis, at an event where I was vlogging with my phone and Grip Dat. I took a selfie with her and afterward, she looked at my Grip Dat and said, “Wow! That is so cool!” Check out our selfie below!


Adriana Michelle and Giada De Laurentiis using Grip Dat!


Overall, the Grip Dat deserves a 5 stars rating. Check it out here:

Article by Adriana Michelle

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