Hangover Makeup and Feel-Good Remedies

We’re all about moderate (and safe) alcohol consumption, yet when you’re having a lot of fun, drinking a few more Fireball ginger ales doesn’t seem like that terrible of an idea. (Perhaps Fireball was our first mistake.) Then the morning comes, and it all sets in: you have a hangover — on a weekday, no less — and it can feel like a death sentence. Adulting can be so hard, can’t it?

If there’s anything you can do to help with feeling like The Walking Dead (outside of taking some Aleve and sleeping the rest of the day), it’s looking alive. You might not feel like a normal functioning human, but you can look like one with a few tips: If you can, wash off your makeup as soon as you stumble in the door. Do not opt for a lazy girl makeup wipe routine — your skin will not forgive you in the morning, as many of them are loaded with alcohol, and you’re clearly had enough. Instead, use a makeup-removing cloth. They only require hot water and be a refreshing way to pamper your hammer-timed skin.

Exfoliate the next morning. Exfoliating the next day will help get rid of any residue, dirt or debris from the night before, and will also give your skin a nice glow by sloughing off dead skin. Try a product with papaya enzymes for gentle exfoliation with results you can see immediately.

Drink coconut water. You know you need to chug lots of water while you drink, but if you had, you probably wouldn’t be hungover. So in addition to guzzling for H2O in the morning, drink coconut water. It contains a lot of potassium, a nutrient you lose a ton of when you drink. (Those frequent trips to the bathroom can do that to you.) Or, the next morning, eat a banana.

What are your favorite hangover tips? Be sure to watch the video to learn all of our best advice, and let us know yours in the comment section.

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