Harbor Yorkway- The 2018 Newcomer of Fashion

With a dream and the work ethic to back it up, 33-year-old fashion designer, Sebastian Stratmann creates new fashion line – Harbor Yorkway.

Debuting in 2017, Harbor Yorkway is already ahead of the men’s fashion game for 2018. The t-shirt designs are laid back, yet trendy enough to wear to a hotspot bar on Beverly Drive or on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Heck, the tees can be worn while skateboarding and chilling on the beach – there’s no rules that prohibits style expression anywhere. The tees are just so versatile, comfortable, and stylish that you can take them anywhere.

New styles are on sale now, which you can find online at Stratmann’s site – Harbor Yorkway.

If you’re in the mood to step up your fashion game, Harbor Yorkway is one place you gotta’ go!

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