Why would Hollywood celebs Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton may suddenly get interested in “GONTUS”, an US based Tech Start-up!!

Presumably because each one is a pet parent and an ardent animal lover. Meet Abhijit Adhya (Ab), the founder of Gontus, Inc. a sociocommerce platform which connects a pet service provider to a pet parent across the world. It’s the world’s first and the largest #searketplace (search + marketplace) for pets and animals.

“I came up with the idea when I had a pet dog and found it challenging in finding the right resources to cater to my dog. I almost always had to rely on google and with too many options and irrelevant information, it was a difficult task” says Ab, an Indian born entrepreneur, the mind behind the technological start-up.

Through Gontus, an user can get in touch with millions of vets, pet services, pet matching, 24×7 emergency services, zoo volunteering programs, animal adoption and almost anything that you can think about pets and animals.

The use of cognitive computing and specific algorithms have made, easy for users. One can post their requirements, receive answers, get in touch with almost any service provider, set appointments, receive approvals, advertise their products through Gontus Blurbs, adopt a zoo animal and contribute through crowdfunding for their wellbeing, adopt an abandoned animal or find the right house for them, the list is endless.

“We hope to solve a lot of pet related issues and look at ourselves and feel happy that we have not left pet parents alone in their endeavour to take care of their precious ones” reiterates Ab.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Ab loves traveling, shooting fashion models, getting creatively involved in filmmaking, recent of which is with “Human Barbie”, a kid’s project which is in scripting stage now.

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