ELENA CHOO started her career as a child actor on Indonesian theater stages. Later, she began working on film and television while she was attending college in Singapore. As fate would have it, her career brought her to Hollywood, the land of stars. So far she’s landed roles on a number of movies and including “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”, acting opposite “The King of Queens” TV and movie star Kevin James, and Raini Rodriguez of “Austin & Ally”. Elena also made a special appearance on the new Netflix original comedy drama series “LOVE”.

On top of her flourishing acting career, she’s currently trying her hand at producing a million-dollar Hollywood movie, Syndicate Smasher. The cast line up include Hollywood action movie veterans Mel Novak of “Bruce Lee: Game of Death” and Laurene Landon of “Samurai Cop”. Syndicate Smasher is scheduled for a global release at end of 2016. Even though the movie has only done a private screening, international investors are already buzzing about a sequel.

To many Indonesian actors who would like to work in Hollywood, Elena’s career may seem like a dream come true. So it might come as a surprise to some that Elena wants the exact opposite. The beautiful redhead wants nothing more than to bring her career to Indonesia. She said, “There is so much talent in Indonesia, and I am so amazed at the speed that the industry is growing in recent years.” Even though she is a hot Hollywood up-and-comer, you can’t blame homegirl for missing her hometown. Thankfully she is young enough for frequent travels between continents, so she still be based in Los Angeles, and pursue her intents on working in the Indonesian film industry.

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