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Believing that everyone aspires to have a great scent, Infinite Love is a fragrance brand with a mission to help men and women all around the world and express their individual personalities to the fullest. As a subsidiary of Nur Kimya, Infinite Love is operated by AYSU LLC and is a growing cosmetic retail franchise with in-store locations across United States’ shopping malls.

Since 2011, Infinite Love has been providing customers affordable substitutes for famous fragrances and celebrity perfumes with products that have been tested and successfully approved by FDA. With more than 70 different famous fragrances from Dior, Armani, Carolina Herrera to Celebrity fragrances under their catalog, you be sure to find the perfect scent.

Shopping with Infinite Love, you be able to buy your favorite celebrity and luxury scents without having to pay over $100 per bottle. Now, you can tailor your choice with Infinite love and not worry about breaking the bank. Their pen-size fragrances are a great choice as they are a smart solution to carry everywhere in daily hassle.

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