Jet Set Eyeliner Review – Long Lasting Liner by Manna Kadar Cosmetics

Jet Set Eyeliner Review: Creamy Application For Makeup Lovers

Jet Set Eye Liner Review – Manna Kadar Cosmetics Perfect Creationjet_set_eyeliner_review



Jet Set Eyeliner Review by Adriana Michelle:

One of the most frustrating parts of wearing eyeliner is having it smudge or run off my waterline during it’s wear. I’ll spend an evening out with my friends and hours into the night I’ll take a trip to the restroom to find that my eyeliner has smeared everywhere. So gross!

Being that most liners smudge pretty easily, I am always open to trying new brands with high hopes I’ll find the perfect liner. Having many disappointments, perfection didn’t come until I met Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s Jet Set Eyeliner.

The Jet Set Eyeliner collection (created by glamazon entrepreneur Manna Kadar) is a full smudge proof liner cosmetic that last hours on end. With four gorgeous colors – Caviar, Black Tie, Cognac and Glam Rocks – the liner contains a creamy consistency the applies to the water line smoothly.




Black Tie

My favorite part of the creamy new liner is the built in sharpener. YES, a built in sharpener that is located at the end of the pencil for easy sharpening at all times. Remember the days of digging through your makeup drawers for a liner sharpener? Well, Manna Kadar Cosmetics has just eliminated the struggle. BOOM!

The four colors are magnificent shades for all skin tones. They range from deep colored black or brown, and from deep colored black or brown with hints of shimmer. Totally gorg!

This collection has become my go to liner essentials for daily wear and I am pretty stoked that my eyeliner is now one hundred percent on point. With this Jet Set Eyeliner review, I’m telling you that Manna Kadar Cosmetics has created the perfect liner. Hashtag eyeliner on fleek!


To view the Jet Set Eyeliner collection by MannaKadar Cosmetics, visit this link Jet Set Eyeliner Review

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