Kente Cloth – Ghanaian Fabric

The Kente cloth, which is a type of silk fabric made of interwoven cloth strips is not just like any other ordinary
cloth. Always known to be a Ghanaian fabric, almost every Ghanaian owns at least a piece of the kente cloth, either sewn or not. But over time, its usage has spread to so many other parts of Africa and the world at large. it has gone as far as the United States. it is usually worn as scarves on graduation day by thousands of African
Americans and African students across the United States. Initially, the kente was only manually-woven from silk and could only be afforded and worn by royalties, but it is now available in different types of fabrics including cotton and therefore available to one and all. It is rich in beautiful brilliant multi-colours such that almost everybody loves it at first sight. Though I’m not a Ghanaian, I fell in love with the cloth and got one or myself. Even if you are not the native attire type, on seeing the kente, you would certainly fall in love with it.

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