Kiss My Brass Takes The Yellow/Orange Out Of Any Lightened Hair

Kiss My Brass is a patent-pending shampoo additive that takes undesirable yelllow/orange tones out of any lightened hair. It works for blondes, ombre gradients, highlights and balyage in dark, medium and light-brown hair. It works well on ethnic hair that’s prone to oxidation (Latina hair, especially)

Kiss My Brass uses color theory and what we like to call the “golden ration”: You simply take the number of ounces of your favorite shampoo and multiply by 3, to start. Add 3 drops with every wash until you get the desired effect. That’s the number of drops you’ll add to your shampoo bottle. Keep using the products you love – whether that’s high-end salon products, crunchy natural shampoos or drugstore brands – we just make them work harder for you!

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