Kool Focus hit the Mark with the release of “Look Look”

Lansing, Michigan August 5, 2017: The Michigan native released his latest single “Look Look”. Deemed the haters anthem of 2017 “Look Look” has been making waves since its release. This hard-hitting song is giving haters a full-fledged view into a successful life they wish they were living. Focus’s flow is reminiscent of early Three 6 Mafia giving listeners an excuse to bob their heads repeatedly.

The Lyricist has been using his voice creatively since an adolescent. “Since, 15 years old I’ve used music as my voice for the people. I speak the truth, no matter how controversial.”

The Midwest native started an indie label OCC Records (Only Come Correct) to create a gateway for talent artists. Focus enjoys having creative control and being able to offer an open platform.

About Kool Focus: Chris H, better known as K.F.1 (Kool Focus) defines the true meaning of hip hop in its purest form. Born in Chicago IL during some of the cities highest murder rates, street gangs & poverty-stricken neighborhoods, his mother’s decision to relocate to Lansing, Michigan become a factor in his desire to use creativity to provide a better means for his family. “At the time, I didn’t know what it was; I just knew what I witnessed growing up wasn’t what I wanted out of life. I had to find a way to stay out of those streets. I had my creativity & the drive to succeed & can attest that music saved me”.

Social Media: kf1 @koolfocus @koolfocus

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