Lord Conrad New Music Single Review – Photoshoot Too!

Italian singer and model Lord Conrad showed no inhibitions in a new photo shoot as he went shirtless. Lord Conrad keeps sharing hot pictures in sexy outfit on his facebook and Instagram account, but it was this latest shooting that raised mercury levels exponentially.

He is not new to posing for hot pictures, but his latest photo exceeds the hotness quotient even by his bold standards.

Lord Conrad is looking fierce in this hot as hell picture leaving little to the imagination of the drooling viewers.

The hot social media star was earlier in the news this year when his new music single “Touch The Sky” became a strong new hit on the internationals charts.

Lord Conrad surprised fans when his first single ‘Touch The Sky’ arrived in all digital stores. His first solo single is already having much-unexpected success – we’re stunned. The name of the song is a clear sign that it’s going to be one of the sexiest pieces of music ever!

After his music success, all his photos quickly go viral on the social media. It reinstates his status as a celebrity on the most powerful web.

Lord is an epitome of confidence and is not afraid of baring herself. The oozing confidence of the model is the reason behind his pictures looking like a piece of perfect artwork and not be relegated to something derogatory.

The gorgeous beauty keeps making headlines courtesy of his eye-grabbing picture updates on facebook and his music projects.

Stay tuned as Lord Conrad will launch his official music video to accompany “Touch The Sky ” in September.

Lord Conrad is a name people will soon hear a lot of because he is already considered a rising star ready to challenge the international charts.

Find more and listen to this new single on the links below:

Official Website:

YouTube Channel:

Facebook Fan Page:

Japan Top Music:



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