Maintaining That Summer Glow

Summer months are an undeniable excuse for clear skies, cool waters, and lots of sunlight. Who isn’t ready to replace that cabin fever with some days out at the beach, riding bikes, chilling at cafes, or indulging in some sweet gelato?

But with more hours than usual spent soaking up the sun, your hair can take the brunt of the hot and sometimes humid weather. Throughout the year, but especially in summer, it’s important to keep your hair conditioned, hydrated and well-nourished to prevent dryness and breakage.

Take a look at these simple habits to keep your hair looking and feeling its best without calling off those long summer days outdoors.

Condition Your Hair with Fortitude.

If you start to notice some split ends or breakage as summer hits, you’re not the only one. The weather can have strange effects on our hair, sometimes without warning. Despite humid conditions, hot and sticky weather does little to moisten our hair. In fact, it can significantly dry out hair follicles causing your ends to fray and your hair to become frizzy.

The easiest place to start is before you even leave the house and face the outdoor elements. It begins with treating your hair right in the shower. Make sure the conditioner you use it helping your hair stay strong, without stripping it of its natural oils. The words “oil”and “hair”might bring to mind unwelcome images of greasy hairdos, but it’s actually very important that your hair contains some level of natural oils.

Choose conditioners that contain fortifying ingredients, like coconut oil, argan oil, or oatmeal. You’ve heard of the oatmeal bath to cure a case of the chicken pox, right? Your skin and hair heal in many of the same ways. Think of using these oil-based conditioners as the ultimate spa routine your hair will appreciate.

Moisturize Often.

After that rejuvenating morning shower, let’s face it, you’ll eventually have to step out into summertime heat. Whether you have curly locks, naturally straight or straightened hair, or somewhere in between, it’s crucial to invest in a styling product that not only holds your hair in place throughout the day, but protects it too.

If you do use a flat iron or curling iron as a part of your daily routine, consider a hair spray or liquid moisturizer that again contains argan oil. Pharma Deal (Australia’s leading online pharmacy) sells a range of hair moisturizers that treats hair, alcohol-free.

Commit to the Long Haul.

Finally, develop a daily hair health process that you can stay consistent with. Keep an attitude of “everything in moderation”to keep your care simple. Consider washing your hair every 2-3 days and wearing it naturally (without the use of heat iron) at least a few times during the week.

You’ll thank yourself later for caring for your hair now, keeping your routine simple, and ultimately investing in many year soft, healthy hair.

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