Making the Connection – See how this one company “ The Soap Connection” is tackling the Food Stamp Dilemma

Did you know that Food Stamps does not allow people to purchase any form of hygiene products?  Believe it or not, those that are unemployed (without any unemployment compensation) and only rely on Food Stamps as a means for food and household supplies are unable to meet their basic needs!  This is a very sad truth for many individuals!   This is why our company The Soap Connection was created.

This Veteran Owned company encourages customers to purchase any item from our skincare line, and in turn,  a quality, toxic free  bar of soap is then made and donated out to those in need.  At The Soap Connection, it is our mission to “connect” those in need with a quality, chemical free soap to bathe with.

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US Army Veteran

Cheryl Reed/Owner

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