Meet FourEver: America’s Newest Pop Group

FourEver is an American Pop group made up of four young men (18-19 years old), Jarrod Allen on Vocals and Guitars, Chris Wise on Bass and Vocals, Brad Natianel on Drums, & Brett James on Guitar. Their debut E.P can best be described as Organic Pop blended with slick production elements. Some would describe the bands sound as One Direction meets the Eagles. Take a listen to any of the songs, especially their self titled single “FourEver Now” ( ) and you will hear the big harmonies and modern production that come together to create this hit record.

There is a hint of Nashville on the songs, which is where the EP was recorded but this is primarily just a straight forward pop/top 40 record. Not only is the music captivating, but their stage presence and performance will have you wanting more. Fourever was created and is managed by none other than the seasoned pop & music industry manager, producer & expert Johnny Vieira of J.O.T.S. Productions and J.V.M. Some of his past successes include Vanessa Hudgens, Bre Kennedy and many many others.
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Check out the music video to the Hit Single “FourEver Now” –

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