Meet Olga Maria – A Woman Living Her Dreams In Very High Heels


There are many women in the world who grow up dreaming of a fabulous life,  the perfect job, amazing connections and loving what they do. One woman has worked hard to achieve this lifestyle is Latina writer Olga Maria Czarkowski.

Olga Maria lives a lavish lifestyle in New York City. Out of the big apple, Olga curates a high fashion, travel and lifestyle blogazine called “Dreams in Heels.” She documents everything on the site from fashion tips, beauty trends, travel advice and personal stories. The Latina writer loves having a platform to inspire and empower all women to live more adventurously. Regardless of the budget, all women should follow their dreams in style, believes Olga.


As a leading Latina writer and traveler, Olga explores the world and contributes her essence to places she visits. She takes in all that she can and makes sure to appreciate the life around her. The world inspires her to keep learning, discovering and growing into well a seasoned woman to help inspire younger generations of women.


Other additions that can be found on the DIH Blogazine are food and cocktails. In these categories you’ll find Olga’s recommendations for delicious foods and drinks. As she comes across new restaurants and spirits, Olga is quick to tell her readers. Olga wishes her audience to try new recipes, dishes and eateries often.


To top off DIH Blogazine, Olga’s bucket list can be found. Here is a snippet of why she loves creating a bucket list –

My bucket list keeps getting bigger and bigger within time. Honestly, I could be days and days updating it! What it really matter is that every day, I get to check off more and more items from the list. I hope that you have written your list and more importantly that you are making it happen since in the end we only regret the chances that we did not take. Remember that everything you want to do is possible, you just have to believe and enjoy the ride. So just buy the tickets, pack your bags and let’s have fun!

Here is my list…What is yours?

  1. Climb the Great Wall of China! (DONE)
  2. Ride a Helipcopter (DONE) – The Red Rock Canyons around Colorado & Utah.
  3. Explore Egypt (On the top of my list!)
  4. Japan
  5. Ride a Gondola in Venice
  6. Ride along an ex nascar driver on a Pro Baja Trophy Truck – (DONE)

Can you see why Olga Maria’s blogazine is a great site to visit? To catch up with her latest adventures, visit Dreams In Heels now!

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