Meet The Spiritual Socialites: Full Interview

1. Can you tell us about your organization Spiritual Socialites?

SpiritualSocialites is an organization & community that ignites positive inner social change. Our digital platform shares events, inspiring stories, video clips, products and voices that highlight life-changing transformations and empowerment.

2. What made you realize that there was a need for an organization like Spiritual Socialites?

After meeting other men and women in the city that were also on a Spiritual journey, we decided to form a community of like-minded people to explore all aspects of spirituality in an upscale yet zen setting together.

3. How did Kimberly Fisher and Courtney Clifford come together to form this partnership?

We met working for Lexus. We both have backgrounds in luxury, marketing and public speaking, and we were interested in the same events in our spare time; community service, charities, yoga and exploring different aspects of spirituality.

4. What are some events that Spiritual Socialites have held?

Our first event, Cocktails for a Cause will be held at the end of November. All proceeds from the event will go to GallopNYC, which Courtney is involved with. We launched our website over the summer, and are in the process of developing TV and Internet content, meditation podcasts and workshops.

5. How can people who do not reside in New York City benefit from Spiritual Socialites?

You can always check out, our Facebook group and Instagram for inspiration, motivation and some laughs. We are developing an urban mediatation series and workshops that will be available for download.

6. In your opinion, how important is it for people to have a support system when trying to accomplish their aspirations in life?

I think it is one of the most important aspects of leading a balanced life that you love. We are all interconnected, and once you find a support system you realize you can do anything, especially with their help.

7. What are your social media links and website for those who want more information on Spiritual Socialites?

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