Meet Upcoming Artist: JayLives

Growing up without the resources towards a fulfilling life stops many people from pursuing their dreams. Some live lifestyles so haunting that the word dream only resonates with the word and feeling of fear. However, there’s one artist who as a youngster didn’t let his circumstances dictate his path towards success. His name is JayLives.

Moving from New York to Atlanta, the 25 year-old rap artist has been on the grind since age thirteen. His music has been recognized by many industry natives who are labeling him as the next “upcoming artist” to watch out for. With hits like “Lets Stunt,” “LikeBefore,” and “Papers” streaming on Montroit Music, YouTube, to name a few, Jay Lives’ fans are asking for more.

The Montroit Music artist recent album is currently availble for purchase and downloads with six hot tracks under the title “No More Lies.”

Download JayLives music today by visiting

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