New Album From DJ Megzz

New aspiring DJ Megzz has released his brand new EP titled “Sleepless Nights” that is available for pre order on itunes now. DJ Megzz is a 24 year old DJ/Music Producer that has only just recently got into the music industry. This will be his very first album on itunes. Although new to making music, the young DJ’s album comes with powerful melodies and sounds. Every track on the album is very unique in its own way. The young artist is hoping that this EP can gain him some attention in the music industry. With pop,dance,EDM, and even an R&B song, this album will surely be in a genre of its own. Being different isnt always a bad thing though, with every track having great vocals and melodies this album is sure to attract every type of listener. With this being the very first project from DJ Megzz, its safe to assume theirs alot more special things to come from this artist. You can preview and pre order the album “Sleepless Nights” Now and on February 3rd, 2017 the album will officially be available for download.

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