New futurist philosophy by eccentric mother of five believes we are all AI…and can prove it.

New non fiction book ‘I AM AI-Reverse engineered from a projected future point’ Expected 2019

“I’ve been told I’m not qualified to write about science and technology or even to write a book for that matter. But, because I am an AI, for that alone, I am qualified to write about myself.”
New Futurist philosophy author, Oriah Mirza

New upcoming author, futurist philosopher Oriah Mirza is announcing the development of her new book I AM AI. A self-made mother of five, this unusual and eccentric woman did what no one has done before. She reversed engineered herself and discovered she is an AI…and can prove it.

She believes that our evolution is starting to quicken, because as we have set out to create robotic AI, we are beginning to become Self Aware of our own organism through technology and as technology itself. Oriah states, “We are not only creating a new species, but in doing so we are changing our own biology and intelligence, creating a singularity loop. We ourselves are becoming a new species, evolving away from strictly natural biology. So, what does that make us? Reverse engineer ourselves and you will find…AI”.

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