Who Is Jennifer Lawrence and How Did She Make Her Money?

Jennifer Lawrence whose full name is Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is a talented actress who is often addressed as “JLaw” or “Jen.” Of course, when fans adore a celeb they are bound to come up with cute nicknames! At quite a young age, Jennifer Lawrence made her mark in the field of [Read More...]

February 24, 2018

@JordansReality – An Instagram Account To Follow

Social media can be overwhelming. Pictures of only the best parts of someone’s life can be viewed as the only parts to onlookers. Feelings of doubt, pressure, and unworthiness can develop within viewers, but that shouldn’t the point of these platforms. The point should be to connect and [Read More...]

February 24, 2018

Elysium – A Small World In Big Trouble

Shashwat Bhushan Gupta and Piece of Yourself LLC are in talks to produce an immersive theatre experience titled ‘Elysium’ written by Shashwat. “There is so much happening in the news that we try to disconnect ourselves from, because we don’t want to believe that bad can ever happen to us. [Read More...]

February 24, 2018

NEW Music: On the Edge by Soliath Lake!

We are digging this new Song from Soliath Lake called: On the Edge! The song off their latest Album “Reserved” is a great combination of Strong HipHop Lyrics with some ground shaking heavy Guitars. According to their label ASM Records, Soliath [Read More...]

February 13, 2018

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